Should you still use crypto faucets


In this article we look at whether you should still use faucets for acquiring crypto

General opinion

You need to understand that the revenue model for faucets is to show ads from various sources, usually as many as possible. 

These ad sources usually pay on cpm, so for example $2 per 1000 views. So if the bitcoin price skyrockets then the faucet owners payout less per claim as they are still earning in dollars. This is exactly what has happened for bitcoin and ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash is heading the same way.

A lot of the sites use shortlink sites which can be notorious for ‘dodgy links’, I am seeing more and more with links to software to install, no thanks I’ll pass on these but this can be a requirement.

Then there are numerous pop-ups on some faucets, sometimes up to 3. Again we have the risk of some dodgy sites being dispalyed, sometimes these can be porn which may be an issue for you.

The next issue is the curse of captchas, again this can be a requirement due to cheaters but Recaptcha is one of the biggest pain in the posterior services that exist especially when they display the grid of similar images.

So if you factor in the hassle of the above for small payouts, which can often equate to about $0.01 then you need to decide if its all worth it.

ExpressCrypto microwallet

Lets look at the supported crypto on Expresscrypto, there are a 23 active cryptos.

I would again avoid faucets that pay in the big cryptos such as bitcoin but if you can find them are some interesting alternatives. The same rule applies, the payouts are still very low.

These look interesting though at the moment – Bytecoin, Cardano, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Horizen, Komodo, Lisk, Monero, Neo, Pivx, Stratis, Tezos, Tron, Vertcoin, Waves and Zcash

A couple of these are staking cryptos (Cardano and Tezos) – so these may be worth claiming and transferring to a wallet that allows tou to stake and earn more crypto.

Faucetpay microwallet

Lets look at the supported crypto on Faucetpay these are BITCOIN , ETHEREUM , DOGECOIN , LITECOIN , BITCOIN CASH ,DASH , DIGIBYTE, TRON and TETHER.

Due to the rising value I would not waste time with bitcoin as  the payouts are only about 1 satoshi. I would probably monitor ethereum ,bitcoin cash and litecoin due to increases in prices and decreasing in payouts

Tether in my opinion is a complete waste of time so that leads to Tron, Digibyte and Dogecoin. Again the payouts are very low but you may be looking o build up your amount of these. It will be painfully slow.

The coinpot sites close down

As per our other article, coinpot and the faucets are going or gone depending on when you read this article. 

This was the best microwallet and faucet sites and is a major blow for people who use these sites but it is understandable due to the time and cost of running them.


I understand that some people may find the ability to earn a  couple of dollars per day in crypto but the vast majority of folks this will be an inefficent waste of time for the amount of time it takes to navigate lots of ads and pop-ups.

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