Switch to Presearch and earn crypto tokens for searching

Presearch is an open and decentralized search engine that rewards members with search tokens for their use, contribution, and promotion of the platform.

In a world where a certain tech monopoly controls at least 80% of all search, receives billions of dollars in ad spending and acts as the owner of the internet, a new open search engine has never been more important.

You can easily add the extensions to Brave, Firefox and Chrome. I recommend using Brave for the opportunity to combine this with the Brave rewards system. Here are links to the extensions


Chrome and Brave extension link


Firefox extension link

How to make money online with Presearch

Individual searches

Presearch offers the opportunity to earn 0.25 Presearch Tokens {PRE} for each individual search that will be carried out using their search engine

Every day you can get up to 8 PRE , 1 month up to 240 PRE.


You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 50 search reward tokens, and has been active 30 days after their initial sign up.


You need to meet the minimum threshold to withdraw your tokens. You must have at least 1,000 Eligible Tokens to qualify to do this

What are the pre tokens worth

At the time of writing they were valued at 1 PRE = $0.0831 USD

Other ways to make money

Presearch also runs a similar setup to adwords where you can stake certain keywords, this will obviously cost PRE tokens but you have an opportunity, just like adwords to drive referrals to your offers/products.

If you stake the most tokens to a given keyword, your ad will show up when someone searches for that term on Presearch / Dsearch.

Lets see what the company has to say about this going forward

You still maintain ownership of your PRE while they are staked, but if you choose to ‘unstake’ them from a given term, or if someone stakes more than you, your ad will no longer be shown.

During the initial launch phase of the platform, estimated to last until sometime in early 2021, there will be no cost for any traffic you receive through your ad. We will make an announcement well ahead of time to provide everyone with notice before we change this policy

That’s right: no cost per click, no cost per impression, and no cost per action. Just real, quality traffic from more than 1.5m Presearch users who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and internet power users.


Why should one company have a monopoly on search and manipulate results for needs?
Why should that same company take billions in ads, bombarding the user with more and more and the user gets nothing.

Sure, it may take time to earn enough tokens but starting the process is always the first and most important step.

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