FireFaucet – a crypto auto faucet review

In this article we will look at the FireFaucet website

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About FireFaucet

Firefaucet is an auto faucet, this means that unlike a normal faucet you can automatically claim multiple currencies at once on the same page without doing anything, as long as you keep the browser tab open.

This helps you earn your favorite currencies and level up at the same time. By levelling up you can claim for satoshis which get added to your account, these increase gradually per level but the amount of points required to level up also increases.

You can select the claim amount as a multiplier such as x1, x2,x3 and x4 but these will use your ACP points up faster

Want to know what ACP is, read on

Earning claim points

You need to get Auto Claim Points (ACP) to be able to Auto Claim crypto coins. Depending on your settings one or more ACP will be deducted per coin and per claim cycle.

There are several ways to earn free Auto Claim Points. You can complete various Short links from various sources, visit Offerwalls to complete offers, watch PTC ads, collect every 30 minutes from the ACP Faucet and there is also a daily bonus.

If you complete enough of these you can also get ACP from completing various tasks like claiming from the faucet 3 times would get you 20 ACP

What crypto is supported

Currently FireFaucet supports the following cryptocurrencies

BTC – Bitcoin
USDT – Tether TRC20
ETH – Ethereum
DOGE – Dogecoin
LTC – Litecoin
DASH – Dash
TRX – Tron
ZEC – ZCash
DGB – DigiByte


You have a daily withdrawal limit of a maximum of 10$ worth of any crypto per day.

You can withdraw to your wallet or FaucetPay if you have an account there – if not then here is a signup link

My thoughts

This is a site that has been going for a long time. Being an auto faucet you will not earn vast sums of crypto but the levelling system does mean you can earn satoshis.

The PTC ads are clean (no dubious links) and are quick to complete and verify, the faucet works fine but has the usual pop ups, I have never bothered with the OfferWall but generally these are where the big points are to be made, the short urls are as to be expected and full of pop ups and ads.

This is a legit and stable site and recommended to have this on your visit list



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